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Spirit Weavers Gathering | Wellness Den

  • Cave Junction, OR (map)

Wellness Den: Lead Coordinator

The Wellness Den at Spirit Weavers Gathering is a safe haven for emergency first aid of the body and spirit.  We are offering each woman an opportunity to support their immediate ailments and needs with Earth based plant medicine; extracts, syrups, topical salves, flower essences.  This includes a fully stocked pantry of western medical supplies.  At Spirit Weavers women have the opportunity to reconnect with traditional skills while living and sleeping close to the Earth for five days.  For many women this reintegration into nature can bring up everything, from practical discomforts of walking and dancing with bare feet, to digestive disrupt from eating a simple plant based diet, to emotional reintegration of feeling herself as a human-animal and part of the Earth.  We are prepared!  Our team of Clinical Western herbalists and a registered nurse arrives to be in service to you, with both plant based and westerns options.  We are honored to support our community in their healing and personal empowerment to use natural medicine! ~Kelsey from Heavy Nettle