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Seasonal Botanical Beauty: Replenish & Nourish your Winter Vitality

  • The Ecology Center San Juan Capistrano (map)

Join us for the second of our monthly workshop series: Self-Care Sundays! 

This series will be led by Kelsey Barrett of Heavy Nettle, master herbalist and Southern California native. Each hand-ons workshop will take you on a journey through the garden, exploring seasonal herbalism and new elements of plant medicine that amplify the vitality and wellness of you and your family. Integrate age-old wisdom into your everyday practices, products, and life!

One of the most effective practices for cultivating wellness and resiliency is the healing art of herbal self-care. Without tools for daily replenishment running on empty becomes the norm.  

During this nourishing weekend workshop Kelsey will lead you through a basic overview of your elemental body type, empowering you to craft three self-care bath time products that support your unique body type. You’ll form a relationship with you skin by identifying its needs, and what kind of herbs, essential oils and body oil is most nourishing and balancing to you. We will explore as a group how to incorporate botanical healing practices into your daily and weekly routine.