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Wild Belonging | Ojai Nature Awareness & Connection to the Sespe Wilderness

The wild is always waiting with gifts of beauty and wisdom for those who take the time to slow down and tune in. By walking with curiosity and intention in nature, we can learn a great deal about ourselves and the world around us. Come wander the wilderness paths of the Sespe Wilderness (Chumash territory) with Wildtender co-founders Noël Vietor and Fletcher Tucker and Heavy Nettle herbalist Kelsey Barrett. Expand your awareness and enliven your senses with deep nature connection practices and explorations of the landscape. Drop into your animal body and make contact with the many beings of the high chaparral habitat. Breathe fragrant flora, eavesdrop on cackling acorn woodpeckers, and follow the graceful trails of black-tailed deer back to a state of restored intimacy with the Earth… a feeling of belonging in the wild

This day long program will focus primarily on practices for creating a long-lasting relationship with wild nature and place. We will also learn about (and from) the native plants and animals of the Sespe Wilderness. And we will address key concepts and practices essential to land-based living including foraging, native plant medicine, animal tracking, and more.