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Karma Clearing journey with reishi & hypnosis

In our time together we will explore the soul's Karmic pattern you wish to clear with Reishi and journeying, combining the energetic and physical forms. A transmission of Reishi, "the supernatural mushroom of immortality” will be shared by Kelsey Barrett of Heavy Nettle. As well as how to connect into plant spirit medicine. This mythological mushroom honored by sages, kings and queens will assist you in the journey of reaching into the past and clearing the karmic pattern in the present, illuminating a light on the soul's purpose. Morgan Yakus will lead you into a deep meditative journey and a writing exercise which will support you to connect to heaven and earth, revealing more about your patterns and create the changes you seek. This mushroom, alongside a plant sound sound experience will support you in connecting to reishi’s planetary resonance. Bringing you closer to your soul's most authentic self.