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Mercado Segrado | Yoga of Plants

We have evolved alongside plants since the dawn of time, their medicine facilitating ritual and reminding that we co-exist as intimately connected members of the larger community.  We as humans have separated from the natural world as our home, and in so doing forgotten the great sensitivity we possess to intuitively experience truths in nature.

Plants communicate in ways that we are not accustomed any longer. Together we will reignite our instincts by experiencing plant communication techniques from a variety of indigenous and contemporary traditions, including journey work supported with shamanic drumming and crystal bowl. As we relax into personal somatic knowledge, and group sharing of emergent wisdom, we will collectively arrive at a new and highly personal awareness of the vibrant landscape of plants. This will enhance our ability to wild harvest plant medicine as well as help us to access the pleasure that arises in embracing the natural world as an extension of the self.