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Adaptogens: Master Herbs for Modern Stress

"Squash every week into a day" -Bauhaus

Our ability to move with ease in a multi-task contemporary world requires that we take care of our mind and bodies with the utmost care.  Unfortunately daily rituals of self care are often the first to vanish when we feel the pressure of the day-to-day.  Long term chronic stress has massive impact on our body, and specifically the thoughts we have when we are stressed trigger hormonal cascades that stimulate everything from adrenal overuse to low sex drive and oscillating thyroid function.

Adaptogenic herbs are known as hormone-modulators which are our main herbal support in regulating stress response and in turn changing our thought patterns.  In this workshop we will look at adaptogens native to North America as well important planetary adatopgens and their relationship to our endocrine systems capacity to minimize stress response. We will also approach adatogenic herbs as human animals, by ingesting herbs and discussing our somatic, emotional, and spirit experiences in community. 

This workshop will include:

+ Plant attunement

+ Discussion of the physiology of stress response

+ Medicine making: learn how to make a dry plant tincture

Later Event: January 1
Ohlone Center Core Faculty