The word diagnosis stems from the Greek diagignoskein, meaning to distinguish. The art of diagnosis is key in delivering herbal medicine with precision.


Elaborate diagnostic tools were once a common part of the doctors tool kit, and certain traditions have retained these diagnostic art forms. To be a skilled herbal clinician, body palpation and assessment were of great importance.

Through the pulse, tongue, and abdominal expressions we can understand the story of the body, how it speaks, and how disease can be viewed individually as well as part of the whole system.

Neo-Classical pulse is an extension of the Ding lineage, a renowned medical tradition reaching back to the early 17th century. This lineage was brought forward by John HF Shen and transmitted to the West during our last centuries convergence of East and West knowledge. Dr. William Morris is currently a main knowledge bearer of these ancient skills.

Through years of apprenticeship with Dr. Morris, Kelsey now teaches western herbalists how this ancient tool applies to their modern practice and western herbs.



Kelsey offers private pulse diagnosis by appointment.
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