Isimot Adewuyi

Herbal Guide: Isimot Adewuyi


Isimot Adewuyi is an herbalist, ceremonialist and a lover of the earth. She actively fuses both herbal medicine and ceremony to bring women together to heal themselves and the earth physically and spiritually. The goal for her work is to allow others to reawaken their dependency and relationship to the natural ways of health and wellness that she believes is innate within us.


Do you have a daily/weekly/yearly personal ritual with medicinal plants/trees/fungi/the power of the natural word? How does this help with healing yourself and others?

Ritual and ceremony are a big part of who I am and how I help others.

Everyday I make an effort to burn sage and say a prayer of pure and positive intention as I am smudging.

Once a week I like to do a tree offering where I infuse flower petals in a glass of water for about a half a day and I pour that flower infused water at the foot of a tree in my front yard as an act of love for the earth. When we nurture the Mother Earth with love she will reciprocate that back to us in tenfold!

On a monthly basis I sit with the energy of the new and full moon as well as gather in the Red Tent with many women and hold ceremony using Sage, Tobacco, and Cedar. These herbs serve as a vital part of ritual during ceremony by having permission to clear the energy of individuals and the space, carrying prayers up, and honoring the ancestors and elements. The herbs are our elders, teachers, healers and protectors and they are a key element to ritual.

Specifically, when women get together and sit in circle with the plants healing happens on a level far beyond the third dimensional sense. When we faithfully combine plants, women and ritual we heal and nurture ancestral wounds, fill present voids and shine a light of prosperity and fruitful karma for the future generations that will walk this earth when we are no longer in this manifestation. 


What long term plant has consistently supported your health and vitality. How do you prepare and consume it?

Chickweed has been a wonderful friend of mine! I harvest it fresh from my front yard and infuse it in pure olive oil to create a soothing body oil. I also enjoy making a tincture with the plant that I consume orally with my water.


How do you gain access to the spirit realm of plants, was this something you worked to developed or inherently in you. If you feel called to share the plant that most helps with this portal of access we'd humbly love to know. 

I truly allow myself to be present and respectful to the plants because to me they are my elders and they have much wisdom to share. In order to gain the wisdom and lessons they are longing to pass on I must allow myself to be fully present no matter what mood I may be in at the time. Throughout my life I have always had a sense of familiarity and comfort with the earth however my connection with the spirit realm of plants became stronger once I paired that innate connection with intention and action. The intention to form a deeper relationship with the plants and the action to truly honor and respect them by always giving a gift to them before I take from them, not taking more than I need when I harvest, always saying please and thank you before and after harvesting and using, and nurturing them according to their individual needs with pure intention in my heart.

Cedar is a great plant that creates this portal. Being that it is one of the four sacred herbs, it carries such a regal spirit that opens our hearts while humbling our spirit.


What do you love about being an herbalist? How do you help others free their hearts through herbal medicine?

I love the seamless depth of connection I gain with the earth while simultaneously helping others reach optimal health & establish a relationship with the elders (plants) for themselves. It brings much light to my heart to help others experience that there is a plant for every need and that wellbeing & health can be obtained without the use of harsh chemicals and products.

Simply encouraging others to give herbal medicine a chance and believe in their own bodies ability to receive the healing the plants truly want to bring is a way I help others free their hearts. I believe that our mind and body work in duality and when our mind believes and accepts the plants as healers our bodies will then do the same thus giving the plants the invitation to heal.

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What is your favorite medicinal herb to incorporate into your food? How do you prepare it?

I have oh so many and just thinking of them truly excites me!

Nettle would have to be one of my favorites. I steep it overnight in boiling water to bring forth a simple yet nourishing infusion. I also like to make nettle cupcakes by simply adding fresh nettle leaves to my cupcake batter!

Rosemary is also one of my favorites to consume. I like to add fresh rosemary leaves to my fruit infused water as well as season my food with fresh rosemary leaves.


How do you create relationship with nature? 

I create a relationship with nature by always reminding myself that I am one with nature and not separate from it. One of the ways I do this is by taking time to just simply hug a tree. Yes, I am literally a tree hugger! Wrapping my arms around a tree and taking deep breaths in and out brings a sense of tranquility and union. I always get overwhelmed with emotion when I hug a tree our even look at a tree for long periods of time.

Allowing myself to feel the earth beneath my bare feet is also my way I stay in union with nature. When I am barefoot I feel myself fully ground and root to the earth.

I also love doing a hands on practice with the plants where I gently lay my hands on any particular plant, close my eyes and take long deep breathes. This gives me a similar feeling to hugging a tree with just a deeper level of meditative intimacy.


What plant or element from the natural world has most put you in touch with your personal power?

Mugwort was the plant that called me to do the work as an herbalist. It grew in abundance all around my home and made herself standout wherever I went and always found her way in my hand. I was literally walking with the herb unknowingly! It is through Mugwort’s tender and subtle nudge that I learned how to connect with the plants and how to use the plants to heal others, the earth and myself. The plant allowed me to tap into my power not only as an herbalist but also as a Wombyn.


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