Hi I’m Kelsey Barrett.

I’m a western clinical herbalist, organic gardener, and traditional food enthusiast. I believe in using, tasting, smelling, growing and embracing plants as part of our larger community gives us greater opportunity to reconnect to our health in meaningful ways.


Awaken your vitality with one-on-one herbal consultation & custom crafted plant medicine formulas.

Combining your story and your experience of your health with pulse and tongue diagnosis and your medical history, I create individualized herbal formulas. Together we create sustainable nutritional strategies, wellness goals and lifestyle changes as routes of transformation to uproot the pathways of illness; energetic, emotional, physical and spiritual.


Ready to create a bespoke product line for your company or brand?

I offer a complete range of product development services from concept to formualtion. To date I’ve created custom handcrafted products with The Esalen Institute, Tetra, The Ecology Center, and TeaStream.